Learning Resources Catalog

Many of my brothers and sisters from Africa are stuck with choice of online resources. I must say thank you to this corona pandemic. It has forced us to up the game of internet, information technology and move away forcefully from the era of doing things traditionally. I like it that this pandemic grounded the tall, short, fat, small and […]

Home Schooling Resources

Am left with 4 days to mark five months of staying home with my children. Looking forward to the His Excellency’s address later in the evening about the way forward. The nation is anticipating on opening of schools. How is it in your country? Do you have your children at home? are you working from home or physical office visits […]

Teach Children Personal Finance

This is a topic I love yet many consider sensitive. Let’s talk about how we can transform the next generation to a better one in terms of personal finance. Me I failed flat because I was not oriented at a young age not even in my early youth.  Better late than never, as a mother,  I have started orienting mine. God willing this […]


Making the right choices for our children. We now know that STEM is the teaching of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with emphasis on preparing the learners to excel in their careers. In the process of learning, children acquire skills that enable them to be successful in various fields at any level. Why you need to make the right […]

What is STEM in Education.

Writing this article reminds me of growing up in a rural village setting in Uganda. In my early years of school what we call pre-primary today, the learning was done through writing down on the ground because majority of us did not have books. Fun experience that in modern day, we build our children sand pits to have fun which […]

Life Skills Not Taught In School.

As a young girl born and raised in a rural setting meant that a few of the things were a privilege to me as compared to my peers especially good quality Education. I grew up with desire to excel and migrate to an urban area where life seemed bliss from stories i could hear my urban friends say. I had […]

Start With Affiliate Marketing

Understanding Affiliate Marketing 🙂 Affiliate marketing is  mainly promoting that business, product that you believe in or  more less have personal experience and you are paid a commission for each sale closed. In basic marketing language, affiliate marketing is that sales job where you earn a percent of each sale you make. The more sales you make the more money […]

Now or Never!

Good morning From Uganda the Pearl of Africa. How are you wherever you live? I felt like pinning down a few thoughts about the effects of Corona on our children across the globe. How is it in your home, your hood and country at large? To me its Sad as its, all over the world reports of domestic violence are […]