Making the right choices for our children.

CREATE YOUR FUTURE NOWWe now know that STEM is the teaching of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with emphasis on preparing the learners to excel in their careers. In the process of learning, children acquire skills that enable them to be successful in various fields at any level.

Why you need to make the right choices.
When you reflect on your life, I bet there are quite a number of things you  wished to have done differently  and for some reasons, it did not happen. It is not yet late to begin.

Let me explain to you about the right choices.

Do you know that the future is not something we enter like from apartment A to B 😊? Yes, it is something we create. I assure you, there is no tablet, press button, or Lounge that you will sit in and boom head in the future. You must create it.

Friend the future is a harvest of choices you make today. Quit saying the Lord will make a way while you are folding your hands and waiting, your future is not a mystery. You create your future. By the way, the article is meant to help you create and prepare your children for their future. Do not be mad, you are already in yours 😊

So, can we decide to make the right choices today? Yes, what do we expect! Great harvest. Am not stopping you from living your future now but I want you to visualize the kind of future you wish your children to live in. Create it with them.

Allow me to share with you my personal experience 8 years ago, I lost all I had gathered for my future and the children. I did not see this coming; I ran to church, become closer to God and did all I was told to do. Do not get me wrong, I stayed there for 4 straight years without working. God sure provided for me. He did give me basic needs as to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Was it the future I desired? No. Because even the Bible says that pray and I shall grant you the desires of your heart Psalm 20:4 but Deuteronomy 28:12 says that the Lord will bless the works of our hands.
What am I saying? No prophet, no oil, water or heaven will make you or your child stem into the future.


Imagine I was just at a Physiological needs level and still had hope that Safety, love, esteem and self actualization will find me. These can only come through creating them by working smart and hard. Therefore, you must lift yourself, create your own future and the Lord God almighty/Allah shall bless your plans. Sounds like a deal.

How do we create the future?

First off how is your future like?
• Earning your best or tired of your job?
• Unemployed and not sure what next?
• Single mom and bills are getting heavy on you?
• In school and still want to earn?
• Or maybe you can explain😊
Okay, its not late. You can start now, in a few months, you will thank me. Click here and leave for me a comment about your yet to be future.

Creating for the Children?

 It does not matter how young or old they are, begin talking them into the future.
 Engage them with STEM activities right from the foundation.
 Teach them house chores: Let them fix a meal of their choice, guide them through and let them be.
 Reward their activities. Let it be monetary and this will lead you to Personal Finance. Yes. Teach them as early as now. It’s never late.
Now that you know, share with your thoughts below in the comments, share with your networks. I will be happy to help. Just drop a comment below.


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