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Am left with 4 days to mark five months of staying home with my children. Looking forward to the His Excellency’s address later in the evening about the way forward. The nation is anticipating on opening of schools. How is it in your country? Do you have your children at home? are you working from home or physical office visits are allowed.
Well let me share with you a few challenges I have faced because of this pandemic. Wondering when life will be back to normal.

Parenting has been challenging and stressful
I love being a mother, but I must admit that seeing my children do their activities and kissing me goodnight each day is fulfilling. However, it sometimes gets stressful when its go back to school time for me as a single parent. Does this happen to you? May be or may be not.
Today am writing to find out how you are copying with these children staying home and seemingly not going back any time soon. Take note; research has shown that stressed parents are more likely to be more harsh in their parenting which in turn can affect children’s self-esteem, well-being and even longer term outcomes.

Let’s discuss these few points as we get used to the new normal.

Home schooling: Families who home-school children usually do so by choice after weighing advantages and disadvantages that comes with it, They plan before hand on how to make this work alongside other family and job commitments. Unfortunately, this pandemic did not warn us who love taking our children to school.

If you fall in the category of sending your children to school, how are you getting your school resources? How are the children copying with staying home and no school activity? How are they copying with online studying to those who can afford?
Let me suggest for you a few resources to keep your home school fruitful.

  1. My favourite country Uganda: http://www.education.go.ug/covid-19-sector-response/
  2. Khan Academy:Khan Academy has created guides designed to help parents and teachers get through the COVID-19 crisis.
    Engineering Challenges for Children During Lockdown: Designers from the James Dyson Foundation “have come up with a series of challenges to help kids learn at home during isolation. Comprised of 22 science tasks and 22 engineering activities, the Challenge Cards can be completed by children using common household items such as eggs, string and balloons.”
  3. Ideas to Steal: A New Zealand organization provides free activities you can do with your kids, using basic materials at home.
  4. Google Teach From Home: A central hub of information, tips, training and tools from across Google for Education to help teachers keep teaching, even when they aren’t in the classroom.
  5. Google Learn at Home: Google has partnered with Khan Academy and other learning creators to bring parents & families resources and activities to make the coming days as educational and fun as possible. These resources won’t replace any homework assigned by teachers — but they can complement that work

Chores: This is the best time to teach your children skills that are no longer taught in school. These are majorly home basic chores that everyone literally needs in adult life. Engage them in the kitchen. I know my friends in Africa do not encourage the boys to be in the kitchen.

Wake up, situations are changing, the world is moving at a faster rate. Teach children how to clean the house, cook, clean cars, garden, clean the compound. By the way you can crown it with a reward that is monetary as you also introduce them to personal finance. See related article.

Play time: Work without play mad James a dull boy. Allow them their play time especially now that they miss their peers at school. Allow me share with you intentional playing that will help them in school when they resume.
These are activities that encourage critical thinking, problem solving and creativity 😊 What did you think?

These activities include coding, chess, art and craft, building Lego’s, puzzles the list is endless. Do you know that fresh air contributes to the wellbeing of a human? Take that child on walk, do exercise, be outside the house for a few minutes or even hours. This will harmonize their emotions.

Let’s agree that a stress-free parent is cool to be around. Not only a parent, a boss, sister, brother or even husband. 2020 has proved to be a violent year on our finances, minds and health. What are we doing to cope up with this?

I have just one recommendation -Affiliate marketing

I had a functional job and organization before Corona happened. Guess what on 18th March all my plans, projects for this year went on hold and for a fact are still on hold. I had to look for ways to utilize my time and still be able to earn.

I landed on Wealthy Affiliate through a friend. Its not been an easy road for me, but it has been worth it because of the following.


1. Free membership that gives an opportunity to learn and make some bucks.
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• You get to decide to upgrade or not
• You still can make money on free membership
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• You can utilize your time efficiently other than aimless browsing

My take.

Children: Utilize the free resources online or pay up for those that have additional resource of your interest. You need a balanced sober mind in order to enjoy the company of your family. Remember most of the humans are harsher when they are broke.

Affiliate Marketing: Take it on as a business, give it your time, commitment and you shall reap big. Forget about the get rich quick schemes. There will never be a business that will grow overnight. I recommend for you Wealthy Affiliate.

I have not earned yet, but I have gained knowledge and friends who are supportive. In one way or another, a few bucks will be coming in as soon as possible. It is only you who is in charge of your destiny. Take charge now. Tomorrow is never promised.

Remember to leave me a comment below and share with your networks. someone’s life can be changed  by your action.

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