Hello everyone! Today happens to be my birthday, Happy that I have lived to meet people who are amazing great virtually through Wealthy Affiliate. I welcome you to celebrate with me this awesome day in a unique and learning manner.

We are still going through a rough time in the whole world but it’s more difficult to our children. I bet many may think that they are children, so this won’t affect them any ways.
Did you know?

Our children miss their friends at school.
Miss PE time at school where they burn a lot of energy
Miss their teachers
Feel suffocating indoors?
Have noticed how good or bad you are to your partner?

What next?

Well, you and I did not plan for this pandemic, but we have power to free our children from anxiety, depression, or any mental disorder that is as a result of this pandemic.
How can we do it?

1. Provide opportunities for play/fun as a parent.

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It allows children to explore the world, practice adult roles, and gain confidence, improves children’s social and advocacy skills. Use this moment to connect with them. This cuts across all ages.

2. Pause and Listen.

This will help you to listen to your child. I understand a lot is happening, but please pause, and listen, your child is saying something. This can be done through several bonding activities in your arms reach.

3. Encourage creativity.

All children need help to learn about their emotions and relations. It is your job an adult to teach them these skills. Do not forget, every child is different, so we need to figure out what reaches each child individually and help them express themselves. I repeat, play, games, sports, art, writing, dance, music, name it 😊 are great ways of helping kids learn to cope with difficult feelings and relationships.

Creativity is a natural human way to learn and express ourselves. If your child has learned that feelings should be avoided, creativity can open them to emotions.

Feel free to engage with me and the rest of the community as we celebrate my birthday as we help that suffocation child in that home that is not even aware the suffering.

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