Life Skills Not Taught In School.

Life skills not taught in schoolAs a young girl born and raised in a rural setting meant that a few of the things were a privilege to me as compared to my peers especially good quality Education. I grew up with desire to excel and migrate to an urban area where life seemed bliss from stories i could hear my urban friends say.

I had am ambition of getting good grades, have that office job, swing in heels, drive that posh car and live in my own house. Yes that was my dream! I achieved some and still work in progress to reach my destination. But guess what? I have learnt a lot outside school which I think it would have been better to learn them too in my very active youthful years.

I know am not alone in this, but together we can fix this with our children and grand children. Hi ha  I see you think exactly what am thinking.

What is Education?

Life skills not taught in schoolEducation is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.should involve learning life skills that a person will carry with them after college in order to navigate relationships and careers and be a well-rounded, successful person. That is what my parents believed in and sent me to school without fail.

Guess what, I ended up spending the first 6 years out of university figuring out what i was best at, what i loved doing (my passion) and what I would want to carry on till my retirement and probably pass it on to my children. This is because  our current academic curriculum doesn’t teach many aspects that are key to succeeding and thriving in life at a whole. For instance  financial responsibilities and investments, critical thinking, problem solving or even how to think logically–retaining information and not merely temporarily memorizing information, and how to apply such abilities to real-life scenarios that each one of us faces whether we want or not.

Its an Open Secret, Life Skills are not Taught in School!

It is sad and Now we know! Lets use today to prepare our children, grand children for their better tomorrow.

By the way these skills constitute our day to day life and they are as follows


Psalm 119:24″Y our testimonies also are my delight, they are my counselors.”As young as they could be,  it is important to teach your child about the important life issues that they may encounter and how they can deal with it basing on  Bible stories.  These stories have significant impact in someones life and the young ones can even carry this forward to help them overcome obstacles of life without fear. This does not discriminate other faiths, all religious books have those stories. I have talked about the Bible for it has an outstanding influence throughout the word.


As the saying goes, “Charity begins at home” what does it literally mean to you? It simply expresses the overriding demand to take care of one’s family first, before caring for others. You can only do that when you have the right manners.

These manners are indispensable in today’s  society, therefore if you do not practice them from your inner circle which is family then you can use them  properly in the community. My grand parents used to teach me how to speak to people, conduct myself before seniors, how to behave when at the dinning table or meeting relatives, generally they were teaching me etiquette.

No wonder such stuff is the thing of the past, we have left the younger generation to figure things out that is why you will find today’s generation has no sorry, pardon me, excuse me , sir or madam, or even thank you. Sad enough, you will find someone instead of extending an act of kindness, they will instead first take out their smart phones and record before helping. Did this happen in the golden days? No, and am sure you know our education system has been modernized leaving families to figure out the life skills through a gamble for they have no clue either.


Can you imagine that learning how to cook or even  handle household chores is a thing of the past? In our golden school days, we used to have home economics classes and it was compulsory but today, its up to a child’s interest. Do not be deceived, cooking is essential to life and very beneficial to every one. I look forward to our respective countries going back to basics. This comes with extra benefit for the learner as they will know that you can save money through cooking that fancy meal or traditional meal at home compared to eating in a restaurant. Also, paying attention to detail will be perfected from preparation, cooking and presentation and this will carry on in the office work environment or any where.


Life Skills not taught in School

With increasing levels of unemployment, we need to emphasize the importance of personal finances from the child’s development stage. For the self-starter,equip your children with  knowledge of how to  manage their finances, encourage them on how to earn, save and spend with examples

and reinvest  This will give them a striking difference  difference between failure and success in their future. You know why? they will not be struggling with debts, they will value the importance of work. Still doubt? in school, we are taught how to manage other people’s finances and this rules out self employment.

This I mentioned does not satisfy majority life skills not taught in School. I will be adding on in a few days. Right now, if you read this article up to this far, please share with me your thoughts by leaving me a comment below.


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