Post COVID19

It is amazing how this pandemic has changed and affected lives across the globe without segregation.

My vision for 2020

As we docked in 2020, me and my family had great plans on how this year would be in terms of our relation, business and culture. I personally did not think that towards the end of the first quarter, my country boarders, schools, social places, will be shut down.

Life has not been the same as i run an education program in a country that is rigid and less privileged to have full time access to internet.

My projects for the year have been shut down as we are not sure when our lives will be back to normal again. Boom brokenness, stress and quest for new ways of living and helping others made me land of Wealth Affiliate. Am grateful. As a marketeer, am re learning much more on the cyber community.

A must go for.

I have encountered like minded people that have helped me and i can never be selfish not to share. What are you waiting for? Lets roll together as online businesses/activities have been imposed on us especially in the developing countries. We can still make it.

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