Motorized Conveyor Belt- Built by an 8 Year Old Using Lego Bricks

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You can never go wrong when you engage your child with hands on activities especially Lego bricks.

The video had a conveyor belt built by an 8 and 9 year old using Lego bricks.

Brief about a conveyor belt:

These children know much with their hands. This conveyor belt is used at airports, in manufacturing industries, and packaging sections all over the world.

We learn’t that has the following description in terms of science, technology, engineering and math;

  • Science  & Technology:  It’s a machine that easily moves materials,goods or objects in less time.
  • Engineering: It uses a belt and pulleys that perform a repetitive process until the goods are finished being moved from one place to another.
  • Math: Its movement in speed depends on the size of the pulleys.

What a fun way to catch up with the trend?

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