My 2Cents on Digital Learning!  

Online learning/classes have finally hit our globe from the lowest stage of education. You heard me right! This has gone as far as the nursery or pre-school level.  This has become extremely popular as the global corona pandemic hit all the four corners of the world.

The African perspective is a sad one because we are not used to this and I tell you, I am struggling as a parent. Incredibly challenging to manage my personal work and online home school.

But I guess to the international community it has become extra popular because of its flexibility in all aspects. By the way we are also embracing it by force or by fire 😊 the same way I have loved to survive as an affiliate marketer with wealthy Affiliate as my job crumbled with the country’s lock down directive in march 2020.

Let’s see the Dis/advantages that online studying comes with.

Advantages of digital learning!

  • No worries about Early morning Traffic: This is interesting because of no daily trips to school accompanied by early morning and evening traffic. It is obvious that your child is learning from the comfort of her home study room or living room 😊 or any where even deep in the rural. This is eventually cost effective as you won’t spend on fuel, no stressful traffic, out of home snacks among others.
  • Flexibility in your schedules:  Many parents across the world are full time employees/employers therefore assumed to have a congested schedule. Digital learning comes in handy for you to choose time to learn. This is not necessarily for students. This cuts across.

90% of the working population were forced to work from home this year after the outbreak of the pandemic. Schools, public and offices being closed, Digital learning and working welcome us with a smile. That’s why, schoolwork can be handed in very early in the morning or even at night depending on the deadline set.

This is actually amazing that even me the most rigid African parent is now busy with my toddlers in our digital classroom every day. Thanks to google classroom.

  • No Scholastic materials required. Digital learning comes with almost all required materials to use for the lesson or subject. This is actually true for all levels. Yes, even with our usual online courses that have rocked the internet for a while. All you need is good internet, laptop or computer, tablets or smartphone. Chats, forums, are interestingly available for interaction between learners and their teachers.
  • Bonus with Digital classes:  We have seen transportation costs reducing to zero 😊 You heard me well, online classes actually charge less compared to the traditional classes as there is reduced expenses on the school in terms of infrastructure, administration, security, and other expenses for physical facilities.

Do not crucify me, this is a global study. It is your duty to engage your respective schools and encourage them to adopt this strategy to a win-win situation.

Disadvantages of Digital learning:

  • No student-teacher personal interaction. A This is actually a challenge to me as a parent. My Children believe their teachers are better than me 😊 Leave me a comment if you are in my category 😊

Psychology has it that learner’s value their relationship with their teachers more and consider it to be a fundamental aspect of their learning process as compared to their parents. I agree that some digital classes offer an option of interacting with teachers through chats or even email, but I still feel this is not the same as personal interactions.

  • No direct peer socialization:  Children love to play, chitchat with their friends and build their small relationships in a traditional school setting. This actually keeps pushing them to go back each day in order to re unite with their little buddies.

While growing up, I preferred to revise my books in a group and this helped me grasp content much better than when I read alone. This I think happens to other people. With Digital learning, its really hard to bond with virtual buddies.

  • Hard to Keep on truck! In our normal traditional school setting, when you get distracted, your class teacher can easily help you get back in order. Now imagine they know when their favorite cartoons air, smell the food when its almost ready even when its not eating time. This is real disaster. By the way there are no competing classmates online. Who will push them to stay on truck without all that? I really do not like digital classes because they encroach on my personal work and time because I am the teacher. Yes me 😊

But do I have a choice? May be you have, please share with me your views . You never know your thought can change someone’s perspective.

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37 thoughts on “My 2Cents on Digital Learning!  

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      My children have both excelled at online schools and had trouble integrating with them as well. The learning curve for the parents is tough as in most cases you must be the coach or teaching assistant and many of us have little to no time for that. After all our jobs have to be done too. The biggest challenge though for my family of 7 kids has been finding enough available device time so we don’t have kids finishing up at 1 AM. If you have a couple of young ones though and the time to grow with them the bonding is real and the socialization can be made up for with a local park or church program.

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        Kudos Andy. Tutoring 7children in addition to your personal work is quite a task. Well done. Am glad that you are sailing through without dwelling on the limitations. In my country, we re still limited with outdoor public activities due to corona. But praying that this too will pass. Thank you for taking time to respond. God bless you and i hope to hear from you more often.

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      As with eveeything else in the world, there are the good and there are the bads but the good of this online learning is actually a lot better than any cons it could ever Haven I prefer online learning more than the traditional class learning because of the lots of information is boasts and easy comprehension and the fact that it can always be revisited to gain more. I would love to see our academics adopt this too

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        Thank you Carol. We sure seem not to have a choice with online studying. In my a child owning a tablet or computer was seen as a luxury but now it is becoming a social need. Meaning this will eventually be adopted by all globally. 

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      Hello there and thank you for posting your perspective on virtual learning from home.  I am from Canada, but it is one thing that we are all experiencing globally due to the current pandemic.  The setup is straightforward assuming you have all the necessary equipment.  My son is older, and just finished grade 11.  He is a very social person so the isolation was difficult for him.  However, he is a talented musician playing both bass clarinet and electric bass in 4 ensembles related to school, and several rock bands with friends.  It was really difficult when all of that ground to a halt.  Restrictions in my part of the country are starting to be lifted so he can now get together with his friends.  The school year ended early.  We will have to wait and see what the fall school term will bring.  Most of our universities and colleges are only doing online classes.  I know that for some parents it can be challenging to be their teacher, but we were all our child’s first teacher, and the learn by observing us.  Remember to teach by example.  Stay safe, this too shall pass.



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        Thank you David for connecting and sharing your experience with your son. Am curious to know what you walked your son through the very difficult time especially to keep the emotions in check. You are very right that we are our children’s first teacher and we sure shall always be in every aspect of life. I believe that soon or later life will be better. Stay Safe.Wash Hands.



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      Though digital learning may be heavily criticized but I must say that this is the future of our learning and the progree of our academics the benefits of online learning is immense though it removes the teacher student relationship but the benefits that it offers are quite immenses and not to be overlooked. Also, were it to be we have adopted it earlier, then we could have been able to sustain academics even during this pandemic

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      Digital learning is great! You can study from the comfort of your home and your own pace. As you mentioned, it has advantages and disadvantages. I’m used to learning by myself, so that’s not a problem for me, but I understand we’re not all the same.

      Digital learning has revolutionized the education industry. During this pandemic, teachers, parents, and students have faced a challenge. It looks like this will be the way of learning for quite some time. We’ll see.

      Thanks for sharing.

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        Sure it is a new way of learning. My concern is on the illiterate, less privileged families or even places that have no internet accessibility especially in the developing countries. We must hatch for a solution to involve the other categories.

        Thank you. 

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      Digital Learning is definitely here. As a psychotherapist, I work with various kids who are going to school online during this time. Some kids like lesions on line because they can be recorded and reviewed later. Others have trouble staying focused if an adult is not close by. Digital learning is a wonderful tool but just as everything else it works well for some and not as well for others. The good news is that modifications can be made to help digital learning become more useful to children who learn in different ways. Great Article Karen Chambre

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        Thank you Karen. How quick can we have those modifications done? Are the various stakeholders realizing the need for that? I live in a third world country where online resource gadgets (internet, laptop, tablet or smartphone) ownership is limited to high class or a smaller percentage for the middle class income category. This leaves 70% of the children not able to access their classes as of now. My concern is, will these modifications be don on accessibility, usability and friendliness to the children?. Still a puzzle but i acknowledge that digital learning has revolutionized the education system and is here to stay especially with this unending pandemic. I love to have more discussions with you if it is okay.
        Mellon Hannah Kenyangi.

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      Speaking from what I see within my family, the learning online has been a good thing.  The fact that homeschooling has been in the minds, because of the declining quality of classroom time has given parents a chance to overcome the “I can’t teach my own child” thinking.  There are several definite pluses for conventional classroom time, and social connection is important.  Just as there are benefits to having the parent closely involved as well.  

      We only have grade school levels, so I can not speak about high school classes being homeschooled.  When your school district is undergoing changes in administration and other stable leaders of the education process, homeschooling crosses parents minds.  With so many changes and constant turnover of staff, there are some issues.  Hopefully,  school systems will be able to use this upset time to come together on a good program to move forward.  Education is so important to our children and our country, it is painful when the system exhibits broken places and problems.  

      Online learning is but one part of the program moving forward that can help a family get through this time of changing to some online classes.  

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      Being a lifetime educator on-line learning has been something i have experienced for a long time. A useful article giving a reasonable overview of thepect current situation. 

      In my view the problem is probably with the parent or supervisor not the child. Children have grown up with the internet so to them it is not a foreign thing. parents have to learn how to use it in the context of education.

      One aspect that is incorrect is the interactive community. many sites now have interactive lessons. some are live some are delayed. so a student can now discuss a lesson with their instructor.

      Apart from that a good website.

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      It’s a very hard thing to not be able to take my kids to school at this very hard time when there is a lock down and the kids are not so used to remote learning but I have to help cover the gaps that is left out there on the online learning learning. The classes have to be short and straight to the point then I take questions and elaborate on it. It’s the job that I have had to take now but it’s what I love doing now.

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      Interesting post, thanks! Another advantage is that there is no excuses for not doing homework as you must submit them to your teacher. So no ‘I forgot’ or ‘my dog ate my notebook’.

      I believe that even when we will be behind this pandemic the home school and digital learning is here to stay.

      Site looks very good and clean! good luck.

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      Hi Dear,

      Such a wonderful article and how relatable it is to all parents. 

      We are able to cope up with this only because my wife doesn’t work and she can devote all her time after kids. But then there is not a day gone where we don’t discuss the woos of working parents.

      I have got all my thoughts with you and with all those who are juggling between their kid’s online education and work commitments. 

      Hope the Corona pandemic ends soon and brings relief to everyone in the world.

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      Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is My 2Cents on Digital Learning. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Digital learning. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Jaaxy. This is a powerful tool for keyword research that I am very happy to use.
      Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me.

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      I could not imagine having to go to school online in elementary, middle or high school. There are so many distractions that makes it difficult to stay on task. Even more so, I would imagine parents would have to be more involved with teaching their children and I’m sure that can be difficult for some. Things are changing, but one thing for sure is, we do find a way to adapt.

    • Author gravatar

      This is a very pertinent topic and I enjoyed reading your opinion. I agree with you in most points. I really see more advantages than disadvantages and I feel the world is heading in this direction. But I acknowledged that the disadvantage of keeping on track is overwhelming. We can tell you from our own experience these days.

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      Digital learning is the future and I hope that the world can learn. To switch to it now since this lockdown has proven to us that we could really be having our academics runnings moithly without the assembly of the kids. Though I agree that it has its cons but definitely, the pros that comes with it outweighs whatever cons that are there. Thank you

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        Sherry thank you. I will be coming with the other side especially from the country i live. The rural child vs digital learning. But sure this pandemic has proved to the world that physical offices, school etc can be optional.

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      I think digital learning has proven overtime to be of a great advantage to this generation considering how effective it came on board during the pandemic and lockdown. Everything that has a good part has a bad part too. The teacher and learner interaction is missing which has a lot to do but it’s still not to dispute the fact that Digital learning is good.

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      I enjoyed your article, it gives another perspective! There are a couple of things I wanted to point out and hope you would do the same for me?
      In the opening you stated the global pandemic hit TALL four corners of the world? You mean hit ALL? The Font color although stands out is difficult for me to read, but then I am old!!
      What does this mean? Digital learning comes in handy for you to choose time to learn. This is not necessarily for students. This cuts across?
      Schools, public and offices being closed, (Should it be Schools and Public offices being closed?)(as well as public offices being closed)?
      Chats, forums, are interestingly available for interaction between learners and their teachers.
      Chats and Forums are available for interaction between students and teachers?
      Hard to Keep on truck! Possibly Hard to keep on Track?
      I enjoyed ready your post and had no idea how difficult it is these days when trying to raise school aged children! Fortunately my youngest is 21 years old and I have 5 grand children. This post will help me in trying to assist and understand the complexities of their learning. I commend you on your diligence in teaching your children with online studies. I to agree that it is difficult to learn that way at least for me it was and I cherish the competitive nature studying with class mates brings as well!
      I look forward to ready more of your posts!!
      Thank you

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      I really enjoyed reading your point of view covering virtual learning based on your experience as a teacher of young
      children. The advantages and disadvantages your outlined were specific enough to give me the idea that you are
      teaching your students not only to grasp general education information and/ or knowledge but also thinking skills
      as demonstrated by the image with the young boy with ideas, questions and thoughts in different areas to consider
      during the learning process.

      On behalf of teachers and non-teachers who view your post, thanks you!

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      Great piece! Online learning is a way to go indeed

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