Now or Never!

It is now or never. We must end shadow domestic violence against children.

Good morning From Uganda the Pearl of Africa. How are you wherever you live?

I felt like pinning down a few thoughts about the effects of Corona on our children across the globe.

How is it in your home, your hood and country at large?

To me its Sad as its, all over the world reports of domestic violence are rising the wake of this pandemic or may be endemic COVID-19 that has come with STAY HOME ORDERS FOR ALL. I feel better now after deciding to write this post. Do you want to know why? I have watched terrible news about suicide committed by children in this period and the last piece I watched was June 28th where a 12 year old girl committed suicide and unfortunately she had shared with her sibling about her intent to kill herself and how she was going to do it.


Her life would have been spared if her parents, relatives had more time may be with them. They could address whatever it was that prompted her to end her life at an incredibly young age.

Did you know that this domestic violence has become a shadow pandemic? Well frustrating as it is to parents/adults, what of the children.

  1. Are we giving them a listening ear?
  2. Are we concerned with their emotional state?

Well, if you have not, its high time you spared part of your day and spend it with your children because it now for any leader/parent/teacher or concerned citizen to begin thinking about team work.We have tried with CORONA by staying home, washing hands, social distancing, among others. Did you know that this domestic violence has become a shadow pandemic? Well frustrating as it is to parents/adults, what of the children. it is now or never.We can still do this together in case you suspect or think that child is in danger. You know what, the time is now to confront that shadow monster tormenting our children.

  • Check in on them and see how they are doing physically and emotionally
  • Learn and research more about domestic violence and note down details of helpline agencies, police, or even shelters.
  • In case you suspect someone’s, life or health is in danger, please report immediately to the relevant authorities in your local are.

The amazing love, support that I have experienced here at Wealthy Affiliate is proof enough that we can do much more directly on the people that are around us physically.

Let’s save that child. Yes we can save that parent from hurting their own flesh and blood unknowingly.

Promise to share with me your thoughts on how to help the youngsters by posting a comment below.


12 thoughts on “Now or Never!

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      Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is the corona situation and suicide that happened in your country. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the wealthy affiliate functions. I also joined a wealthy affiliate. This is an amazing platform.
      Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me.

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        Thank you very much. You know every little information shared is knowledge that can save someone some where. I am happy that you learnt something from the article. Please feel free to share with your networks(Facebook). I also glad that you like Wealthy Affiliate functions- the best place to be if you desire to grow holistically.



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      Wow! Unexpectedly, this is an area that most of us have often neglected as parents when dealing with our kids. Forgetting that they actually have their own voices and the wa we approach or deal with them can have such emotional and psychological effects on them. This is really a good calrion call. Taking note of how we deal with our kids can really go a long way into saving a lot of kids. Thanks for this

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      We as adults think that children don’t have any problems. The truth is, they can be depressed too just like us. Although child suicide is not something too common (not that I know), I’ve still heard a few sad stories. Much of it has to do with bullying.

      It’s important to have communication with our kids, learn their problems, sympathize with them, and try to help them. What may seem insignificant to us may be something extremely important to them. Communication is key.

      I think we’ve all been under a lot of stress since the pandemic began. Children are no exception. We have to keep an eye out on them.

      Thanks for sharing. 

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        I agree with you that child suicide is rated below 1% and I had never had an incidence of child suicide in my country and am above 30yrs. Sadly to note, i have heard and read about 4 in my country Uganda alone since April 2020 as a result of depression and practicing what has been watched on television(not verified).

        This to me shows that a new shadow is growing and can be disastrous if not managed at an early stage.

        I appreciate you Enrique.

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      This is such an important topic you have raised and something we really need to give thought to. So much emphasis has been put on our need to socially distance to stay at home.

      It never even would occur to most of us to spare a thought for poor victims of domestic violence, those who have no longer been able to escape from their abusers by going to school or work.

      This example you gave of this poor child who has committed suicide is heartbreaking and we should all be made more aware so we can help to protect them.

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      Wow, this post is a very wonderful one because it touches a very serious area in the part of our children’s lives. We need to understand that our children also have a voice and we need to listen to them and understand what they are also going through especially at a time like this. I like your post and was able to learn from it as well. Thanks!

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      Thank you for sharing what many consider a very sensitive topic.

      This pandemic has pretty much brought out the worse in people, and it’s not helping these children. I agree that we need to be more proactive in their lives not just during this crisis, but every time, especially when they need it the most. The pandemic is really scaring a lot of people, young and old. So we must be more caring towards them and reassure them that everything will be fine.

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