Online Education Review – Uganda 2020

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I promised that I will come back at the end of term 2 to review the new normal – Home School and Online learning for majority of parents across the world. I will take a closer look at my home country Uganda first.
online education review- uganda chapterBefore COVID-19 happened, online education was for the elite and exposed who are the triple minority in my country.

But in this year 2020 it has became a popular reality to many whether rich or poor, young or old. In one way or another, parents that value learning have gone an extra mile to let the children continue with studies amidst the pandemic.

It’s in this article that I shall share with you an online education review.
The pandemic has sparked a worldwide shift in today’s academic structure. In the last few months, almost every reputed private and government school, local and international schools and institutions of learning have introduced and embraced basic online tools for learning like google classroom and zoom.

We have experienced pre-recorded sessions to live virtual classrooms and to some extent these virtual lessons have been administered in smaller groups of 5 to 10 children in areas where resources are limited especially learning tablets and computers.

In all online learning has evolved at an unprecedented rate. And people have wholeheartedly embraced this new model of studies in every facet of life centrally to earlier contradictions on cost sharing in the early days of lock-down where parents had not come to terms with the reality.

In this online education review, we shall address advantages, challenges and successes from different schools across the country. This is basically to help address the fears that triggered this question “Is online learning going to be temporary or permanent”?

Let us dissect it and the onus is on you.

There are quite a number of substantial benefits and successes in regard to learning online.

We have all been subjected to working online whether you are a field personal, work in rural or urban setting. This has not left the young aside.

There is something curated for your child’s learning needs in the digital world of knowledge.Even without this pandemic, these advantages remain as true as they have been to those who took this path before:

Freedom to learn from anywhere. Your child is able to learn beyond geographical boundaries and school restrictions. No more hassles in the most hated traffic in most cities, shuttles, or relocation.

I actually enrolled my children in a different school during this pandemic because their former school had no provision.
The internet provides your child with new style of learning that’s has lots of self-explanatory animations or videos at minimal to no cost. These are usually not present in our normal traditional education.

Online learning platforms provides flexible and easy operations to both parents and teachers keeping user experience a primary focus. Why not, think about how to conquer the world with flexible, visual learning conveniently at your own time, place and schedule.

It is way cheaper. Who does not like this? . Apart from paying a small access fee, you need to spend almost nothing for just studying online.
Imagine how much you have saved on this term only. Zero cost of transportation, meals, school uniform, enough sleep, after school clubs and very minimal expenses for books and stationary.
Wake up Uganda, Wake up Africa. We can this too.

Online education is already part of us and no doubt our children won’t be going back to the traditional way of learning until 2021.

Therefore work had in hand with friends, relatives and neighbors to have the following in place;

  • Gadgets to use i.e. steady internet connectivity, a smart phone/tablet or laptop. I know you love to have excuses but classes are about 2 hours each day and 1 hour or less for the lower primary section.
  • Proper planning and complete dedication to work it through.
  • Discipline and self-motivation for both parents and students especially the young ones.

My recommendation: You can get online access at no cost or at an affordable fee.

I commend National Curriculum Development Center– Uganda for the good learning material provided free of charge. The onus is on you. Just visit their site, download the content and be ready for 3rd term. It’s never late. follow that link and let your child catch up if they have been home.

Note: Never the less, visit your child’s school or your local council office for printed resource from the government.

Clarke Junior School is a leading Ugandan Primary School that inspires lifelong learning for a better world. We develop students with inquiring minds to make their own discoveries in learning. They embrace pupils from other schools during this harsh period of the pandemic at a fairly affordable monthly fee.

Train Up A Child Nursery and Primary School – Bugolobi is located 0n Plot 33 Luthuli Drive-Bugolobi and runs from Nursery – P.7. Train up A Child Nursery and Primary School – Bugolobi is a private Christian mixed day and boarding school.

Taibah International school is a private co-educational, non-denominational day and boarding school offering programmes for pre-primary, primary and secondary school age children (4 – 18 years). We are a non-selective school and as such, provide opportunities for students of all abilities to develop to their full potential and explore/discover their talents to the full.

Hungry Caterpillar is a school with an extraordinary charm and an ethos which holds the children at its heart. We are lucky to have a highly-skilled, committed team who strive for the all round development of a child which is why our guiding principles are Learn, Work, Play, Think and Live.

Kampala Parents’ School is a private mixed primary school located in Nakawa Division of the City Council of Kampala. It is a day school providing a local curriculum Kampala parents’ school is on an international level but follows a local curriculum

Greenhill Academy a school  that seeks to groom a holistic child exposed to both academic and co-curricular aspects following the school’s Christian based values which are; Courtesy, being Result oriented (teamwork, hard work, dedication, commitment and time management), Integrity, transparency and accountability, Teamwork, Professionalism, Social and environmental responsibility.

St.Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) We assure you of quality education at this college. You sure want your child to be associated with the school. just check it out.

King’s College Budo ensures to  encourage and teach students the importance of being independent, while valuing team work. Through their journey at Budo, students explore new ideas, develop additional interests, build relationships, and pursue their goals. Our dedicated staff members, along with Alumni groups work together to give students more flexibility in accessing various programs and courses that we offer.

For other resource material you can check out this related article(online resource catalog)

My 2 cents on this.

Dear parents, guardians and caretakers engage with your neighborhood fellow parents to have small home school coaching from teachers in your area if a few of the schools highlighted are expensive for you. Remember your child’s brain development and general growth did not stop because of the pandemic.

Online Education is here to stay and can benefit all of us even the rural if we work as a team. It is up to you now to embrace it as a mainstream learning channel or temporary with little effort. After all this is preparing your child well for the 4th industrial revolution challenges.

Should you have an inquiry depending on your area of interest, please reach me on mail or drop me a message in the comment section below.

“The struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.” Chadwick Boseman

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