Parenting With a Purpose


Teach your Children to positive at an early age you will be happy you did it anyway.

Parenting with a purposeI have been disturbed recently by a lot of negative and poisonous confession from the public as a result of the effects of the pandemic. What is evident is majority are confessing that the year 2020 is a dead year. I feel disappointed and at rage with Satan.


How can we allow it to control our minds and confession? When did we stop parenting with a purpose that God gave us before we were born?

Have you forgotten that what you confess you become? Tell me how your children will be in the 5 years because of your negative confession in these few months you have been grounded home?

Do you see how we ignorantly create a non-developmental generation passively? This is the time for positive, purpose oriented and grace filled parenting. And we must drop the weak talk of it’s a dead year, am finished, you children you are sitting home until schools re-open. Enough of that toxic talk. You heard me right, leave the little ones out of this.

I wish you all toxic parents who stagnated your children to answer for me the following questions generated from the pandemic excuse.

  • Did you stop breathing?
  • Did you stop growing?
  • Did your children stop eating and growing?
  • Did you all stop thinking and analyzing situations
  • Did your children stop growing any way?
  • Do you even know when the pandemic is going to die out?

If your answer is No, then you are the right parent, guardian, brother and sister I am talking to.

I want to encourage you to begin now a purposeful parenting journey where we can have children and youth filled with purpose, a generation that is skilled and well groomed.

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When I was busy searching for a solution to help the children cope with home base mental health issues, I felt like first helping you my dear parent who is passively toxic to your children and you are not aware.

I want to share with you a bible verse to help us drop the negative confessions that will eventually help our children to learn better ways of dealing with hard and unpleasant situations. Let’s begin by desiring to parent with a purpose and its then that we can stop confessing that 2020 is dead. By the way  you have accomplished a few tasks though  faced with a few challenges that will be fixed soon or later you are still alive.

Valley of Dry Bones

Parenting with a purposeA few days ago, I was reminded of the prophet Ezekiel and the dry bones. If you are not a bible reading person, it is fine, just read it as a story and pick something. The story is found in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 37 with a title “Valley of Dry Bones” New living translation bible version.

This story reminds me of the importance of Christians maintaining a positive confession of who we are in Jesus Christ. And by the way even if you are not Christian, in one way or another there is an element of faith that is inborn.

We are always unconsciously hopeful when things are going okay. That is why am calling upon each of you to think about the children and enroll them on any e-learning platform to keep their energies and hope alive.

All those dry bones that prophet Ezekiel saw were as a result of the people’s negative and toxic confessions when alive. They were saying: “Our bones are dry, our hope is lost, and we ourselves are cut off!” check out Verse 11. Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. Look, they are saying, ‘Our bones are dried up, and our hope has perished; we are cut off.’   This is exactly how we are confessing and killing our children while alive.

But check out what God told Ezekiel in verse 12 “prophesy and tell them that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘O My people, I will open your graves and bring you up from them, and I will bring you back to the land of Israel.…”

We are living in a negative world, and things are getting worse and worse. It is, therefore, very important that we keep our eyes and focus on Jesus Christ and His promises to us, and do not allow the negativity of the world to discourage and pull us down to a place where we are confessing more negatively than we are positively. Our confession determines the kind of person we are and the life we live.

Therefore the first step to protect the children out of this negativity amplified by the corona virus pandemic is to act on the following.

  • Enroll them on any e-learning platform available for you
  • Engage them in fun activities around your home
  • Talk to them and know their feelings
  • Read them bible stories
  • Engage them in several DIY’s among others


As I sign out, drop that saying that 2020 is dead. Always keep in mind that a negative confession has a lasting negative impact on your life and that of your child. Your confession goes deep and breaks every seed that would have germinated, business that would have grown, dream that would have come true and this is because it does not agree with what God says about us. A positive confession lifts us up closer to Jesus and His promises to us.

Pick the positive vibe and begin parenting with a purpose.

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You are still not sure of what it is, then search out the best key word to describe how you want your life, that of your off-springs to be and you will be amazed.

I urge you to think about your thought, actions and how your children will turn out in the next few years. Change begins now. Let your child’s mind continue to grow through continuous learning. The pandemic did not shut down the entire human system.

Should you have a query, comment or concern, please send me and email or comment  below in the provided comments section. I am more than happy to help.

We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

33 thoughts on “Parenting With a Purpose

    • Author gravatar

      Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read more about parenting with a purpose, I understand also many are having a tough year, but as you well said in your article, we should pay attention to how we reach about what is going on. Children deserve a better parenting, they are not here to take the bad from us or to be in the middle of a tough situation.

      I understand also, it can be hard to keep calm and doing our best when things are not good, we all should remember to keep calm and keep doing our best even during hard times, and pay attention to our children, as they learn from us all the time. 

    • Author gravatar

      The words we speak affects the lives of our children in a way. Sometimes you’re so exhausted from your workday that you  even find  yourself letting your child do whatever he wants just to have some
       moment of rest. Next thing you know, he’s acting up, demanding your
       t ime, and you wonder how in the world you’re going to do this anymore.

      this is a really insightful book. thank you very much

    • Author gravatar

      Our children are a product of the environment that they are brought up in therefore we should do all that we can to bring them up not only in the right way but in the way that God wants us to. The bibile says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will no depart so lets parent with a purpose by bring up up children in the far of the Lord.

    • Author gravatar

      Wow! Being a parent goes a long way and it is a whole life journey. So noting what to say and actually saying it with a view on positivity can really make the whole difference in a long while. I value all you have shared here and I love it all to see. Interestingly, this is very great to see and I love it all here. Thumbs up to you for sharing here

    • Author gravatar

      Hello there, being a parent is something that is very tactical and so many people are out there with kids they bore but being. a parent is else entirely different and we all have to be careful about it. I love how you have addressed the issue and I believe with articles like this parenting would be better

    • Author gravatar

      Thank you for reminding me that I need to infuse my words with the Life of Christ, especially when I address my children.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Ms. Mellon. Thank you very much for your post this was just what I needed to read today. Yeah, sometimes we just get caught up in the negative things around us and we don’t appreciate the beauty of the blessings we have. And even more, that God can change negative to positive in an instant, so we must always go to Him. 

    • Author gravatar

      You see, we have very strong power with what we say with our tongue which I believe is something that many do not understand. Personally I am sure that I have said somethings about the year that I am not proud of right now but I am sure that now I have learnt and I would want to change so many things too. The story of Ezekiel you shared really helps me understand better. We can become better parents to our kids.

    • Author gravatar

      I am so glad to have read your post. I am not a Christian myself but I can relate to the values which are quite universal across religions. The bottom line is about doing good and having faith. Throughout the pandemic where the lockdown happens, my wife and I have been saying this is really a good opportunity for us to bond. You see, I have been also stuck at work and have no time for my kids. And with the lockdown, I could really spend more time with them. We share with our little ones about many things. I remember telling them how beautiful the sky looks when the factories and vehicles are closed and where there are minimal movements. The sunset red hues are fabulous. The sunrise and blue skies are magnificent views to behold. We taught them about human behaviour and about the virus, about social responsibilities. It is even more important to cough or sneeze and cover our mouths and say, “Excuse Me”! So many lessons we can draw from this pandemic. We have to stay positive and we will prevail and hope we emerge stronger, happier, and healthy.

    • Author gravatar

      It’s very good that you shared this article,  every young parents should see this because it’ll help them in a  lot ways in bringing up their children. I believe parenting is something that requires maximum seriousness bit it should be fun too, having the mindset of making your kids great people. Thanks for this.

    • Author gravatar


      This is an issue close to my heart and I fully agree with you that the entire human system has not shut down. Children must therefore be taught to keep learning. In fact, the COVID pandemic has been a sort of blessing in disguise as children have had to spend a lot of time indoors with elders and that can only be advantageous for their growth and learning. 

      The Valley of Dry Bones is a nice analogy. Thank u for writing this beautiful article. It sure gives us great tips.


    • Author gravatar

      I really enjoyed reading your article ‘Parenting With a Purpose’ and learnt a great deal from it. It’s important that during these tough times we also consider the effects of the pandemic on the emotional and mental state of children and how much it must be affecting them. I think it’s important to build an environment of calmness for them

    • Author gravatar

      Thanks for this interesting insight. We often forget the impact our thoughts, negative and positive, have on our children. It is a real challenge to guide them through the struggles of life, to help them become strong adults. We as parents our human beings with feelings and issues too. I am a single parent and sometimes I feel that makes it harder, not being able to get rid of steam with an adult other than a friend.

    • Author gravatar

      Thank you Mellon for this inspiring and eye opening article. It is nothing but the truth. Most parents have negatively killed their kids unaware. It has been challenging year, if we are not conscious as parents we can default to a negative language when we are overwhelmed. Thank you for the good reminder to parent with purpose. 

    • Author gravatar

      This is inspirational that all this anger has brought out morals of some people. However working in pharmacy I have seen the most nasty spoken folks in the time of the pandemic. This country is on a downward spiral from stores all over limiting people shopping and changing the way we do shopping. People are just angry and when we talk about the children in the midst of the pandemic have suffered the most. The smaller children are the most vulnerable as they do not understand why they cant go to school and see their friends. In the dark side of the closet the unspoken truths that women and children are being more abused now that their abusers are out of work and frustrated. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we all have witnessed unnecessary deaths by police brutality and sickness. Thank you for your words 

    • Author gravatar

      Being a parent is the most important mission of every living being. Ever since I became a parent my whole life has changed like I never dreamed it could be. As the baby arrived, so did the worries. It is not possible to avoid them, but I completely agree that you need to find a way to be positive and focus your thoughts only on positive things.

    • Author gravatar

      During this unprecedented time it is a challenge time for all of us because of the unknown and the financial stability. We often think that the children had it easy and did not have to worry and little that we know we are spreading the negativity towards them, I call it displacement. In reality we are not angry with our kids but they are a available easy target. I think as a family, we need to practice compassion and try to understand each other and help each other go through this difficult time. 

      I thank goad everyday that I finally get to spend time with my family for the first time during the lock down and get to finish the books that I always wanted to read.

      I think it is time for us to start listening to our kids too that they are as scared as we are. In the mean time we all do not have the control over the situation but we do have the control on how we treat each other. I find playing UNO with my family to be a fun one, who lost have to eat a chili pepper and we all always have a good laugh. 

      No one is perfect but I think it is not too late to change now. 

    • Author gravatar

      The author really knows a lot about parenting with purpose and the information was laid out in a comprehensive fashion. It gave answers to a lot of my questions and I really appreciate this style of writing that shows us the best and positive way to train up our kids in the society and the world at large. I am more better informed now. Thank you for putting this through to enlighten us and i’m happy seeing this. Nice one.

    • Author gravatar

      Impressive, what a great article you wrote, respect lady. And yes you are absolutely right, the words we bring out, especially in front of our children, always had to be positive and supportive. All children are so sensitive and they are like a sponge, they absorb everything and they have a gift, they can trace every little mood-change from mom and dad. So let’s be very careful during this corona pandemic. If you have stress, go out of the room where the kids are, take a deep breath and pray to Jesus, use your guardian angel, they are always around you and they are always stronger then Satan. Stay safe and healthy, Mellon Kenyangi.

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