Reduce Screen Time For Kids- It’s Totally Healthy

What is Screen Time?

Reduce Screen Time For Kids-its totally healthyThis is a period of watching TV, spending time on a phone, tablet or even computer without forgetting playing video games using whatever gadget available.  In simple terms screen time is that exclusive session where your child irrespective of age is seated in one place watching or doing an activity on an electronic gadget. These gadgets are the ones we find home and the most common one is television.

This Screen time affects not only children in their child hood but also in their adulthood. Check yourself and see how best you could help our dear children, teens and youths.

You might be thinking that I do not know that children have been home for 5 months and some countries 6 months and still counting. I know, and I also know you are asking yourself if we reduce screen time, what we shall keep our children engaged with.

We have plenty of activities but let me first bring to your attention the dangers of unregulated screen time.

Dangers of unregulated screen time.

As your child grows, keep in mind that too much or unregulated screen time has been linked to very many things:

Obesity/oversize. This happens because of sitting in one place, eating and using your eyes only; this means that there is slow digestion because of lack of physical activity. Am sure you do not desire your child to be in that category.

Poor sleep patterns.  Irregular sleep schedules and shorter duration of sleep. I have struggled with my son until last year when we overcame the huddle. You do need to be in this unpleasant situation.

Behavioral problems that will disturb them as they grow. You cannot be friends with an electronic and think you will be able to behave well with humans. This is where cases of violence come in.

There is limited exploration, playing and interaction with peers and adults. Missing this means they have lost on social development angle.


Wait! Let them watch a little but ensure that screen time is regulated by an adult to ensure quality and minimal viewership.

You need to consider the following.

  • Learn your child and spend as much time as possible with them. If possible watch, play that video game with them or the favorite cartoon. It will come in handy when censoring programs, games and online study as well
  • There are several parental controls in terms of apps and software to help you filter the internet content and time spent online. Let me share a few with you. Not paid for mentioning any of the apps listed below.
  1. Net Nanny Parental control
  2. Norton Family
  3. Kaspersky Safe Kids
  4. Google Family Links for parents
  5. Parental Control-Screen Time
  6. ESET Parental control among others.


  • In Africa our best learning and playing moments are doing activities 100% off the screen. Engage those children with outdoor activities. This gives them fresh air as well rather than those that just require pushing and swiping or staring at the screen indoors full time.
  • Parents are the best spies and CI’s the world will ever have. Use this God given ability to ask your child regularly what programs, games and apps he or she has played with during the day or in your absence.
  • When watching programming with your child, discuss what you’re watching and educate him. Am talking to you my dear African Parents who are terrorists to your children when you are watching your programs or commercials on TV. Get them involved and let that time be a bonding and learning moment. These children learn every day by copying your actions.


  Benefits of reduced screen Time

Reduce screen time for kids-its totally healthy

  1. Better sleep patterns lead to a healthy mind and well-being of that child.
  2. The child will have good performance in any activity involved in because the mind has rested enough
  3. A child will have more time to try out new activities
  4. Superb social development. Remember in life, a person’s sociability has a positive or negative effect both at work, in business or relationships.

Keep in Mind:

At some point in your Child’s growth, they will be exposed to content that you no idea about or not even approved. What will happen?

  • Prepare them: This preparation will depend on your relation with them. If its bad, begin fixing it. Talk to your child about the situations that could occur and the behavior you expect. We have seen children commit suicide as result of content watched.

 I urge you to walk in their baby steps and learn to know what they think about what they watch, is it trusted, can they critically decipher between good and bad content? Let them understand technology- the good and bad as in accordance to age and level of understanding.

  • Teach your pre-teen and teens about online relations. Times have changed and still changing. We can only be up to speed if we as parents are better prepared.

Take time to let them understand what is okay with you and not okay as we sink charity beginning at home first deeper than ever. For instance is sexting, cyber bullying and sharing personal information online okay with you as parent, family or not?

Under what circumstances is that okay or not okay? Dear Spy mom or dad, remember to keep monitoring your child’s online behavior. They are bound to make mistakes like you do. In case the unexpected happens, teach that pearl to learn from that mistake. The world will be better with such teens and eventually adults.

  • And finally set a good example. Children learn a lot from what is done at home. Do not be on your phone when its dinner time texting your friends.

My take on Screen Time:

I have been inspired to write about screen time because of this un-ending pandemic that has locked me and my son home, jobless for now 6 months. The first weeks of lock down were bliss for us. We both spent time watching Netflix, and as they slept in the night, I was gossiping and trolling on social media like a busy bee.

In this time, I was spending foolishly on internet yet if I had known better before the pandemic, may be life would have been excellent.

So when a friend of mine introduced me to affiliate marketing, I thought he just wanted to take the little I had but I am forever grateful. I reduced my nonproductive time on social media and enrolled in the wealthy Affiliate Academy. Life has never been the same.

By the end of May, it was clear that schools are not opening any time soon, so I needed to help my folks continue to grow their brains through e-learning as their bodies and all other aspects of life did not come to a standstill as a result of Corona Virus.

You can read this article in case you are stuck with your children.

1.Learning Resource…

2.Home School Resource


I can testify that even if we are home, life has not stopped for me and him and everyone in my household.

Therefore I encourage you to wake up and use those gadgets efficiently and effectively.

You as a parent a child can still use screen time positively without forgetting to regulate for the young ones.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time online and especially on social media spending your data on nonproductive gossip trolls, please follow this link Wealthy Affiliate Academy and learn how to transform your unproductive time to purposeful troll.

If you have any query or comment , do not hesitate to drop me an email. I will be more than happy to hear from you. Remember to hit the share button as well and help that family in need of this information. You know them.

I leave you with Robert Ingersoll’s quote “We rise by lifting others” 

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