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There is a clear evidence that parents can and do influence children. There is equally clear evidence that children’s genetic makeup affects their own behavioral characteristics, and also influences the way they are treated by their parents.  Curious to know?

Well let’s briefly have these questions in mind as we go on with the review

– What are the forces that affect when and how children will change as they grow older?

-Can development be seen as a progressive process whereby children move toward a specifiable outcome or end state that we can call maturity?

– What conditions determine differences among children in their rates of development or their ultimate outcomes?

Name: STOP! Listen to Your Child Think
Author: Manuela Mulondo

Website URL:

Price: $10.

Rate: 5 out 5

I was captivated by the opening statement from the author Through the pages of this book, may your eyes be opened to the reality that the change in Africa begins in our homes, with our families, in the way our society treats children” from her website and decided to buy the book. This is exactly what I needed as a young mother living in a third world country Uganda.

In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution each parent especially my African fellow parents need this book Stop! Listen to your child think as it provides a simple guide to help parents divide deep into the possibilities of changing Africa’s narrative through the re-alignment of our parenting methods.

Guess what, we have lagged behind for a long time because of lacking a fundamental foundational life skill that is unchangeable in the face of changing generations, technology, and culture. Now is the time for you to spice up your awesome children and grandchildren and prepare them for a better tomorrow. It is possible.

I love the book:

As a hands on parent, teacher I would recommend all of you who are in contact with children whether yours or not, relatives or not, you should be equipped with this knowledge. We make Africa, We make Uganda and we are the world. I mean the future of any nation lies in children. What kind of future do you have for your nation?

Tired of being in the less or under development world? Yes, we can get out by using guidelines in this book incorporated with your personal family values. We got the game of;

  1. Innovation
  2. -Creativity
  3. -Problem solving
  4. – Independence.

Let your child getting this knowledge and passing it on to many generations to come. It is possible.

About the Author:

stop listen to your child thinkManuela Mulondo is a trained statistician and marketer who left the corporate world at a crucial time in her career life to focus on what has evolved into the gravamen of her advocacy: well-rounded childrearing that starts as early as one month into a child’s life.

She has 15 years’ work experience with children and in 2014, founded The Cradle; a 24-hour childcare center that is partnering with mothers, families, organizations and Governments across Africa to create spaces for lactation and childcare at the workplace.

In recognition of her unconventional approach to women empowerment, she was selected to give President Barack Obama introductory key note address during his 2018 visit to Africa.  Her vision is a World, where women are free to maximize their full potential and still be able to enjoy motherhood.

We can only raise by helping others!

Finally I wish to recommend aspiring and young parents, school teachers especially kindergarten and pre-primary, care givers, house helps, and anyone who interacts with children each single day. If you live in Uganda, you could as well use the child care services the author offers at her cradle home.

“You cannot raise your children the way your parents raised you because they raised you for a World that no longer exists” Manuela Mulondo

Remember to share your views, comments or email me and I will gladly help as we transform our communities and Nations as a whole.

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