Sure Key Word Search!

Marketing trends have changed and keep changing every time and again. Over a few months, we have experienced a global change shift in the way things have been done in order to fit or adopt the new normal forced on us by the global pandemic- Corona Virus or COVID-19.

I can imagine how frustrating the transition can be. I have been personally affected that I have been forced to get out of the comfort zone and embrace the new normal of working from home.

This has not segregated business categories, all big, medium and small sized entities have been subjected to social distancing. Thinking what am thinking? Those that had their websites sorted ahead of time via key word search have enjoyed better ranking leading to high flow of traffic and thus staying in business.

My dear friend, its never late, begin now and enjoy tomorrow.

Guide to easy and better keyword search.

1.Small Competition:  It’s natural that everyone likes a good moment or shine 😊 Right?  When am doing my key word search, I tend to go with what will make shine and not to get lost in the back ground. It can work for you too. There fore if a keyword has too much competition, its better you do not consider it..  The reason for this is that without being able to rank there won’t be traffic period and that’s complete waste of time.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I have discovered and learnt a new way of living in a competitive world. I was introduced to Jaaxy and I have not looked back. This tool has helped me to determine the exact number of competing pages in google search engine. I use the quote Search Result known as QSR Metric and its perfect for me. Let’s look at 100 pages and below. This is the real competition metric for it will quickly gather information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that specific search word.

2.Shine with Traffic.  It pays to shine slow but sure in that way, you will shine better and longer in terms searches a week or month. Eventually your rankings will not lie. Go for the lowest competing searches. This is because when you rank under keywords your campaigns will grow cumulatively and I think that’s what we all want.

3.Shine meaningfully.  It is silly to fill your content with key words that do not add up and a rude word would be “with key words that do not make sense” Just keep your audience in mind the search engines will fall into place.

You want to find out?

Pick a theme or topic from your site and use this Jaaxy search tool and thank me later😊


If you have any questions about keyword research or how to find quality keywords in Jaaxy, just ask in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help you. It is fun to walk together to success! Let’s Roll!