Teach Children Coding Skills

I have encountered a number of families fascinated by the era of coding for children. This is somewhat treated as  trendy while technology slowly takes position in the developing countries like mine- Uganda.
In this article I hope to enlighten my friends about the few free coding games that will help in identifying interest or even nurturing the talent as we battle with the pandemic aftermath.

Teach Children Coding SkillsWe agree that times have changed with this 4th industrial revolution as we increased job loss and reducing use of human capital to robots.

This calls for equipping children and youth with matching skill in order to stay afloat.

There in order for your child to compete in the future job market, they need coding skills among others.
Let’s tackle how to teach children coding skills through play.

With just your computer and a good web browser, your child is go to start learning programming in the fun and easy way that children love- Gaming. It does not matter how young or old your child is, just be futuristic and fly with them to their freedom.

Get them started early with an online coding game for kids today and they will acquire skill without intention and then you can upgrade them to be certified.

Why teach them coding skills?

Ignites your child’s creativity. Coding uses so much creativity.
Triggers your child’s problem solving capacity. This is what the world is looking for. Creating solutions to community problems by the young ones.
Encourages teamwork. This is a social skill that helps every individual to thrive in any environment. Your child needs that and so is the world.
Presentation Skills. Through coding, your child will learn to present as they discuss with their peers about the game. How nice.

Now that you are ready to let them learn as they play, here are a few tips to help you navigate through to finding and accessing the best of the online coding games.

I will remind you that you are purposed to teach the children coding skills not anything else.

Consider using a computer (desktop or laptop). Apart from the wide screen, most of the legit games play best on a computer better than when activated on a tablet or smartphone. Some games use browser plugin software that works fairly well on smartphone but does not give a good user experience. That’s why we recommend a computer as top priority.

Use an up to date browser for the best user experience as issues of hanging or freezing will be eliminated.
 Switch off Ad blockers in case of any mishap. To my experience with young ones doing coding, I have realized that most educational programming games are ad free.
Endeavor to use one open tab in your browser so that your computer memory is saved for excellent performance.

Free Programming Games for Kids

Let’s roll already to the free games. Choose to write about the free ones for the sake of my folks in Africa where money as a resource is scarce I love my country where things that involve technology for the children is perceived to be for the rich.
Code Combat is a great and graphically rich programming game that teaches typed code to children who are 8years and above. Your child will surely enjoy gaming with it since you can play without signing in. Students have their choice of coding with Python and JavaScript.

Scratch is more than just a game (check related article). Scratch provides your child a graphic programming environment to create games and animations using drag-and-drop commands. My son loves to say easy lemon squeezy.

While at Scratch site, you can engage with the community that have lots of free games crated by developers there. Who knows, your son could be encouraged to have his own game.

Code Camp is where parents find fun school holiday and after-school activities, that empower your kids to design, code and create, and spark a passion, so they can go and change the world with a smile on their faces. What could you be probably waiting for, you could get a few lessons free of charge and decide what next.

RoboZZle popularly known as a -social puzzle game. Your child will solve puzzles by “programming” a robot to move in various directions.This is mind awakening and stimulating by the way. You can also create subroutines.

If your child is a registered user that has 40 solved puzzle, then they qualify to create and submit own puzzles for trial. Am also playing it yet and in my 30’s.

Tynker Coding for Kids starts them off with a graphical programming interface (like Blockly) and then progresses to JavaScript and Python. Their coding games include Candy Quest, Code monster and Barbie Pet Vet among others. It is pretty fun, do not hinder your child from acquiring coding skills.

Now you have a variety of them and by the way I have not exhausted them, they are quite a number. There are those that require payment and we shall tackle them in the next article.


As I sign out, I love to encourage every parent to let their child explore their abilities with your help. The world has changed tremendously from traditional way of doing things to a more modernized tech environment.
For any one to survive and thrive, they need extra skills that are usually not fine tuned in our normal traditional classroom.

Do not say that you had no idea about preparing your child’s tomorrow today.

In case of a query or inquiry, please drop me an email or comment below and I will be more than happy to help and guide.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein

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